Ethics, Experience and Evidence

Ethics, Experience and Evidence: Integration of Perspectives in Psychiatry

14th International Conference for Philosophy and Psychiatry

14th International Conference for Philosophy and Psychiatry

Main program                                           Last update: 2011-09-17

Thursday, September 1

13.00‑13.15Welcome note (Bill Fulford, Universities of Oxford and Warwick, UK; Helge Malmgren, University of Gothenburg, Sweden)

14.00‑14.15 Registration
14.15‑18.00Pre-conference courses (4 x 45 minutes each, plus coffee breaks):

What is Phenomenology?
(Jan Almäng, University of Gothenburg, Sweden; Helge Malmgren)
Meaning, Understanding, Explanation (Tim Thornton, University of Central Lancashire, UK)
Essential Psychiatric Ethics (Ingemar Engström, Örebro University, Sweden; Göran Hermerén, Lund University, Sweden)
Evidence Based Psychiatry (Derek Bolton, Kings College, London)

For details about the courses go here.
19.00‑22.00Social event: Evening tour with the steamboat Bohuslän (with buffet)

Friday, September 2

8.30‑9.30 Registration
9.30Welcome note (Bill Fulford; Helge Malmgren)
10.00‑10.40Phenomenology in psychiatry: Theory. Keynote lecture (David W. Smith, University of California, Irvine, USA)

Coffee break
11.1011.50Phenomenology in psychiatry: The practice. Keynote lecture (German Berrios, University of Cambridge, UK)
11.50‑12.45Comment to lectures (Helena De Preester, University College Ghent, Belgium); plenary discussion

14.00‑15.45Parallel workshops (detailed program here):

  • Changing diagnostic thinking: evidence and values
  • Psychotherapy of the psychoses: evidence and experience 
  • Explanation and understanding: historical trends in Swedish psychiatry
  • Mental disorder and crime: evidence and ethics (moved from Sept. 3)
  • Nosology and Validity in Psychiatry

Coffee break
16.15‑18.10Parallel oral presentations (detailed schedule here).
19.15Reception, City of Gothenburg

Saturday, September 3

8.30‑9.00 Registration
9.00‑9.45Evidence (and Ethics, and Experience): Value-Ladenness in Psychiatric Research. Keynote lecture (Rachel Cooper, Lancaster University, UK)

Coffee break
10.15‑11.45Comments to lecture (Derek Bolton; Ingvar Johansson, Umeå University, Sweden; Anders Lundin, MD, PhD, Stockholm, Sweden), plenary discussion

13.00‑14.45Parallel workshops (detailed program here):

  • At the Borderline: When Ethics, Evidence and Experience Collide (moved from Sept. 2)
  • Does phenomenological psychiatry have a future?
  • Moral visions and talking cures: intellectual and moral virtues in psychotherapy

Coffee break
15.15‑18.00Poster session (detailed program here)
16.3018.00Special workshop: Integrating perspectives: An open discussion of the problems of communication and of understanding between clinicians and service users (Jan Verhaeg, University of Central Lancashire, UK; Nancy Nyqvist Potter, University of Louisville, USA; Tim Thornton)
19.00Conference dinner

Sunday, September 4

8.45‑10.15Parallel oral presentations (detailed schedule here).

Coffee break
10.45‑11.30Ethics: Valuing Mental Health. Keynote lecture (Jennifer Radden, University of Massachusetts, Boston, USA)
11.30‑12.30Comments to lecture (Bengt Brülde, University of Gothenburg, Sweden; Bill Fulford), plenary discussion
12.30‑13.00Summing up (Bill Fulford). Announcement of next year's INPP conference (Grant Gillett, University of Otago, New Zealand – on video link – and Kristen Steslow, University of Otago, New Zealand).