Ethics, Experience and Evidence

Ethics, Experience and Evidence: Integration of Perspectives in Psychiatry

14th International Conference for Philosophy and Psychiatry

14th International Conference for Philosophy and Psychiatry

Poster program                    Last update: 2011-08-26

Saturday, September 3, 15.15–18.00

The posters will be up during the whole day. The poster session starts at 15.15 with a set of very brief oral presentations of the poster contents.

List of contributions

1. Ahmad, Ayesha: Pain Talking

2. Fellowes, Matthew Sam: Why Historians Cannot Locate Accounts of Autism in Pre-1943 Psychiatry

3. Gaebler, Michael & Walter, Henrik: Getting an Empirical Grip on the “what-it-is-like” through an Investigation of Internal Self-Objectification in Psychopathology and Development — Part 1: Depersonalization Disorder

4. Gillett, Ane; Vecchio, Daniela & Olaniyan, Olaniyi: Spiritual Awakening and Psychosis: A Case Report

5. Göttgens-Jansen, Wilma; van Leeuwen, Evert & De Smet, Peter: Ethical Warrants of Guidelines for Diagnosis and Treatment of Children and Adolescents with ADHD
6. Hansen, Jennifer: Narrating the Habitual Body in the Psychotherapeutic Context

7. Kyratsous, Michalis & Zoumpouli, Angeliki: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in an Evolutionary Context: A Brief and Critical Approach

8. Kwan Yunxin; Ang Lye Poh, Aaron & Kwek Seow Khee, Daniel: Depressive and Anxiety Symptoms in Primary Family Caregivers of Palliative Care Patients in Singapore

9. Lee, May; Chan, K. W.; Lam, May; Chang, W. C.; Hui, Christy; Wong, Gloria & Chen, Eric Y. H.: Turning Users’ Experience into Evidence: A Qualitative Study of Service Disengagement

10. Oulis, Panagiotis: Explanation, Laws and Mechanisms: The Case of Dopamine Hypothesis of Delusion-Formation

11. Oulis, Panagiotis: Explanatory Coherence, Partial Truth and the Distinction Between Validity and Utility of Psychiatric Diagnosis

12. Oulis, Panagiotis: Reference and Evidence in Jaspers’ Phenomenological Approach to Psychopathology

13. Overholser, James: Chasing the Latest Fad: Confronting New and Old Developments in Clinical Psychiatry

14. Pelto-Piri, Veikko; Engström, Ingemar & Engström, Karin: Professional Ethics in Psychiatric Inpatient Care — An Analysis of Staff Reflections About Ethical Considerations

15. Pilotti, Jan: Mind-body problem either undecidable or materialism is false.
Relevance for treatment of suicidal intention.

16. Sanati, Abdi: Pseudohallucinations — A Critical Review

17. Tan, Lynette; Ho, M. J. & Chew, W. M.: Associations of Depression and Anxiety Symptoms with Health-Related Quality of Life in Individuals Infected with HIV in Singapore
18. Thornton, Tim: The Recovery Model: True or Desirable?

19. van Nieuwenhuizen, Adrienne: Hypochondriasis: A Clash of Values over What Constitutes Adequate Evidence?

20. Zoumbouli, Angeliki: Automatic and Cognitive Empathy: A Contemporary Approach to Jasperian Empathic Understanding