Picture gallery

Thursday, September 1: Tour with the steamboat Bohuslän


Our delegates from Singapore: Lynette Tan, Yunxin Kwan and Sze Ming Chua

Most of the Japanese delegation: Hitoshi Tsuda, Kyoko Sumida, Wakami Niwa and Arinobu Hori

Ingvar Johansson, Sweden and David Woodruff Smith, USA, chatting with Christer Svennerlind and Jan Almäng (also Sweden)

Things can always be seen from another angle...

Berit and Alfred Kraus, Germany

David Smith, Ingvar Johansson, Alfred Kraus and others, inspecting the engine

Hans Ågren and Ingemar Engström, Sweden

Magnus Kihlbom, Sweden and Bill Fulford, England

Sitting: Drozdstoj Stoyanov, Bulgaria

Fulford and Stoyanov

A late evening view towards the West

Friday, September 2: Plenary session, Phenomenology in psychiatry

David Smith giving his keynote lecture

A glimpse of the audience

...and another one

Friday, September 2: Workshop, Changing diagnostic thinking: evidence and values

Hans Ågren and Henrik Wahlstedt, Sweden chairing the session

Saturday, September 3: Poster session

Adrienne van Nieuwenhuizen, UK and Jennifer Radden, USA, presumably discussing Adrienne's poster

Rachel Cooper and Abdi Sanati, both from the UK, possibly discussing Abdi's poster

Saturday, September 3: Special Workshop: Integrating perspectives: An open discussion of the problems of communication and of understanding between clinicians and service users

Nancy Nyquist Potter, USA, introducing the topic

Jan Verhaeg, The Netherlands,  contributing

Sunday, September 4: Plenary session, Ethics: Valuing Mental Health

Bengt Brülde, Sweden, commenting on Jennifer Radden's keynote lecture

Bill Fulford commenting

Fulford, Brülde, Radden discussing

Sunday, September 4: Lunch before leaving

To the left: Simon Skau and Ida Hallgren, Sweden. In the right background corner: Helge Malmgren, Sweden, busy as usual