Swedish Association for Philosophy and Psychiatry
(Svensk Förening för Filosofi och Psykiatri – SFFP)

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General information:

The Swedish Association for Philosophy and Psychiatry (SFFP) was founded in 2002. It organizes philosophers, psychiatrists, psychologist and others with an interest in the philosophy of psychiatry. Since 2005, SFFP is a member of the International Network for Philosophy and Psychiatry, INPP.

We also run a Facebook group named Forum för Filosofi och Psykiatri. It is open for non-members.


The last annual meeting of SFFP was held in Stockholm on March 15, 2016, and the next takes place in Göteborg on March 17, 2017.


For upcoming (and past) international conferences, see the INPP homepage.

SFFP arranged the 14th INPP conference. It had the title Ethics, Experience and Evidence: Integration of Perspectives in Psychiatry, and took place in Gothenburg, Sweden on September 1–4, 2011. The program, all abstracts and some afterthoughts are still available at the conference website. The format of the videos from the conference has recently been updated.

In 2003, SFFP organised the conference Philosophy, Phenomenology and Psychiatry in Gothenburg, Sweden.

After that we were involved in the planning of three conferences in Kaliningrad, Russia. They were: Mental Health in Civil Society (2006);  Mental Health, Personality and Society in Transition (2007) and Towards Mental Health through Cooperation between Different Specialists. Kaliningrad, Russia, October 8–11, 2008. In Russian:
К психическому здоровью – через сотрудничество различных специалистов. 8–11 октября 2008 годаКалининград

A few other links:

The Association for the Advancement of Philosophy and Psychiatry (AAPP). Our sister organisation in the USA, active since long.

Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology. A relevant journal!

International Perspectives in Philosophy & Psychiatry – a highly relevant book series!

Metapsychology Online Book Reviewsvery valuable information about new books about in psychiatry, psychology and philosophy.

Svenska Psykiatriska Föreningen – our partner in several different contexts

The Society for Philosophy and Psychology (SPP) – "The stated purpose of the SPP is to promote interaction between philosophers, psychologists and other cognitive scientists on issues of common concern".

European Society for Philosophy and Psychology: ESPP – with the same purpose.


For more information about SFFP, please send a mail to info@sffp.se.

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